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Tools to perform collection; payday loan tips

This week, we have separated articles and news that are very interesting for professionals in the Billing and payday loan segments, and a bonus: how to use email correctly.


What are the indispensable tools to charge?

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Do you know which tools in the collection sector can make your job easier and, in addition, increase productivity? Below, we separate the main ones.

In addition to reducing operating costs, by using the right tools for your business, you will be even more efficient in the collection process.

But, before choosing which tool to use to charge, understand the current scenario of your company. Try to analyze internally what is the company’s greatest need. It is also important to measure costs.


Main collection tools

If you are a professional in the field, you will certainly know one or another tool that we will present, but with the advancement of technology, new products have emerged to make the life of the collection analyst even easier. Check-out:

  • IVR
  • Dialers
  • SMS

Below, we have separated a recent information, from March 2019, about the situation of indebted people in our country.

According to data presented in the report, the number of defaulters who settled their debts grew 11.6% in Brazil in 2018. The 13th salary and end-of-year bonuses were largely responsible for this evolution presented in the settlement of debts.

Despite the improvement in debt settlement, the country still has a high volume of defaulters: there are about 60 million indebted Brazilians, that is, a quarter of the population.


Tips for Selling More payday loans

Tips for Selling More Payroll Loans

payday loan is a type of personal credit that is deducted directly from the worker’s payroll.

Although it was released to workers with active FGTS (learn more about it in the link below), it is the pensioners, retirees, civil servants and professionals who work in companies affiliated with financial institutions that most request the credit.

It is always important to emphasize that when selling a payday loan, the worker’s income cannot be compromised by more than 30%.


Email: Good practices for sending and communicating

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Everyone knows that email is a powerful communication tool for companies. But there is no point in having a defined strategy if you do not use email correctly.

  • Mobile: the first tip is to write a text also thinking about the audience that will read your message by cell phone. People are consuming more and more information on mobile and your company needs to pay attention to that.

    In other words, in addition to having to arouse the interest of the customer, getting the message right, it is important, for example, that your title does not exceed 34 characters.

    Otherwise, the recipient will not be able to read your message completely, considering that this is the limit for a title on mobile.

  • Validate your email: Another very important point when planning your email communication is to validate your contact base. It’s no use having a right message for the wrong people, understand?

To have access to all the tips, click here and watch the video of best practices for sending and communicating by email!

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